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Pre-Season 2017

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Semester 2 Preaching Series: Identity

What makes you, YOU? Figuring out who we are helps us make sense of our place in the world, and orients our lives. But so many competing factors, forces and voices shape our identity, whether we realise it or not. Which ones really matter? And what if I don't like some part of who I am?

In this series, we will explore various strands of this complex question of Identity, and also hear what God has to say about who we really are and how our lives can be transformed by knowing Christ.

Mid Year Conference 2016

Thursday 7th July to Sunday 10th July 2016 @ Worldview Centre (41 Station Rd, St Leonards, Launceston)

Registration opens soon

There is no Christian camp quite like MYC. Our vision is that MYC will give the Uni Fellowship great understanding, ownership and momentum going into Semester 2. We build an intensive program to help new Christians put some good new knowledge and disciplines into their lives. And more mature Christians will learn lots of new things and be inspired to make changes in their lives and ministries.

In 2016 we will be Celebrating the 21st Birthday of MYC. Original founder and UK guest Pete Woodcock will be our key note speaker. We will explore the topic ‘Smashing the Idols of the Heart’ in sermons, seminars and 'book club' discussion groups - along with a range of practical electives each afternoon.

Accommodation is provided through billeting with local Christians or by self arrangement.

Local friends, relatives, supporters and pastors are welcome to attend our annual Report and Support Night on Saturday 9th July - at 6:00pm for dinner or 7:30pm for the evening session (more information to come).

Registration opens soon.

If finances are a problem talk to your pastor first about a partial sponsorship and then arrange with Andrew (Events Leader) to contact them about the details.

Pre-Season Conference 2016

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